Asbestos Commercial Property Inspection

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EnvioCore can quickly and efficiently handle any sized commercial testing on Commercial, Commercial Retail, Multi-Family, Industrial, Governmental and School projects. We provide a certified report within 24 to 48 Hours. Projects include: Renovation, Demolition, Partial Demolition,Tenant Finish, Due Diligence, Water Damage, Fire, Mold, Etc.

EnvioCore Commercial Asbestos Services

Commercial Renovations

Commercial Properties that will be disturbing over 160 Square Feet or 260 Linear Feet of suspect asbestos containing material requires asbestos testing by Regulation 8 Part B CDPHE (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment) before it is removed. 

Commercial Tenant Improvement Inspection

Commercial buildings have different tenants that have different needs. Testing of suspect asbestos containing building materials (ACBM) that will be affected will need to be tested before the Tenant Improvement construction starts. Most cities and counties ask for these documents but not always. Make sure to have your inspection done before submitting for permits.

Commercial Asbestos Spill

An Asbestos spill can occur when potential asbestos is disturbed in a non-controlled manner and a fiber release occurs. We will take samples of the air and/or surfaces to determine whether asbestos has been cross contaminated.  Examples of this can be during a fire, flood or renovation project  This process helps to delineate the spill to determine what needs to be cleaned by the Asbestos Abatement Contractor (GAC). If you feel you have a spill halt and get us out to test, so you can minimize problems related to any asbestos spill or get your project back on track. Read More

Commercial Demolition / Partial Demolition

A commercial demolition inspection is required when you will be completely demolishing the entire physical commercial structure. We will sample all materials that are suspect for asbestos prior to demolition. Depending on the size we can have a certified inspection completed and results back in as little as 24 Hours. Demolition is defined as removing a structural member. Failure to identify asbestos in materials

Commercial Due Diligence

If you are in the process of buying a commercial building it is possible you will be doing renovations in the near or long future. Let us help with a Due Diligence inspection to identify asbestos building materials that could need to be abated and cost extra during construction. It is possible to negotiate abatement costs with the parties involved.

Asbestos Testing Benefits and Why

It’s just not worth the risk to begin any renovation, demolition or flooring replacement project without testing for asbestos. Certified asbestos testing is quick, inexpensive insurance against huge financial liability, not to mention human health risk.

EPA and State Regulations

OSHA, EPA, CDPHE and other agencies can levee steep fines for asbestos infractions. Employees, tenants and customers can launch lawsuits over asbestos exposure resulting from mishandling of construction materials that contain asbestos.

Certified Asbestos Testing = Low-Cost Insurance

It’s just not worth the risk to begin any renovation, demolition or flooring replacement project without testing for asbestos. Certified asbestos testing is quick, inexpensive insurance against huge financial liability, not to mention human health risk.

Housing Authorities

Many multi-family properties managed by housing authorities are nearing the end of their original design life, thereby needing extensive repairs and renovation to remain viable housing. Despite strict regulation regarding the use of asbestos in construction materials, many older structures contain asbestos in ceilings, walls and flooring.

Even some newer materials still legally contain asbestos, which is considered safe when sealed within other material and undisturbed. The problem comes when ceilings, walls or flooring containing asbestos are removed, potentially releasing the dangerous asbestos fibers into the air where they can be inhaled by people, a nightmare for any housing authority.

Flooring Retailers and Installers

Many flooring manufacturers still use strong, fire-resistant asbestos fibers in floor tiles and vinyl flooring. This legal use is considered safe, since the asbestos fibers are sealed in the tiles or vinyl flooring. But in many cases, old flooring must be removed to be replaced. The old flooring tiles, vinyl and backing can release asbestos fibers during removal. This risk is why Colorado requires any material, including flooring, to be tested when 32 square feet or more is to be removed. Many flooring retailers and installers will not begin a job until the property owner can provide certified proof of flooring asbestos testing.

Health Risks

Worst of all, failing to identify asbestos containing material before replacing them can result in exposure to deadly fibers that can risk your health, the health of your family or the health of employees and others.


Construction often begins with demolition. Many construction contractors specialize in renovations.

Often, asbestos is present in materials that must be removed from ceilings, walls and floors. Failure to identify asbestos in materials to be removed, handle them properly and protect workers and others from exposure can result in very serious health risks for those involved, leaving contractors on the hook for everything from fines to medical bills to punitive legal judgments.

Certified Inspections

Enviocore is certified to test any construction material for asbestos. We can handle large-scale commercial testing on multi-family properties and still return certified, state-required test results fast. We know the rules and can provide you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re covered. Call Enviocore for your commercial asbestos testing needs today.

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