Asbestos Spill Halt Your Project? Call Enviocore and Get Back On Track!


What’s an Asbestos Spill?

Colorado Air Quality Control Commission Regulation 8, Part B defines “asbestos spill” in section I.B.21:

“Asbestos spill means any release of asbestos fibers due to a breach of the containment barrier on an abatement project, or due to any cause other than asbestos abatement.”

Pretty simple language for a government regulation; an asbestos spill is “release of asbestos fibers … due to any cause other than asbestos abatement.” That means that your well-intentioned crew that knocked down that old outbuilding behind your shop without a demolition permit may have already unknowingly violated federal and state asbestos regulations.What you do next could result in far-reaching and expensive consequences for your business.


You Spilled. What Do You Do Next? Call Enviocore.

Regardless of where the process of mitigating an asbestos spill ends up, it has to start with determining the scope of the spill. That’s where Enviocore comes in.

We’re trained and certified to safely and accurately measure and map the severity and scale of any asbestos spill, enabling you to right the ship and begin safely correcting the situation. With a clear picture of the problem, you can formulate a plan to safely mitigate the spill and emerge from the crisis.


Get Back to Work

Whether you’re a commercial contractor, business owner or homeowner, if you believe you have an asbestos spill, halt all project work and call Enviocore right away. We’ll get there fast and get you results even faster, so you can minimize problems related to any asbestos spill or get your project back on track.

Commercial Asbestos Testing

Enviocore is certified to test any construction material for asbestos. We can handle large-scale commercial testing on multi-family properties and still return certified, state-required test results fast. We know the rules and can provide you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re covered. Call Enviocore for your commercial asbestos testing needs today. Read More

Flooring Asbestos Testing

Colorado’s Regulation 8, Part B requires flooring asbestos testing anytime more than 32 sq. ft. of drywall or flooring is removed. Colorado flooring companies advise customers to always get old flooring tested for asbestos before replacement. Many even require proof of asbestos testing and mitigation before they will deliver flooring orders. That’s where Enviocore comes in. Read More

Asbestos Demolition/ Scraping/ Permit Compliance Testing

Enviocore asbestos testing is conducted under the strictest standards, so our test results are certified to meet federal and state demolition permit requirements. That means with Enviocore, you can rest easy knowing you’re safely in compliance with your demolition permit. Read More

Asbestos Home Inspection Testing

When you move your family into a new home, chances are you don’t know a lot about the construction materials in the house, or in what condition those materials may be. You don’t have to lose sleep wondering what your family is breathing. Read More


EnvioCore Promises!


We’ll show up at your door with a smile and treat you like a new friend. But be assured that we’re all business when it comes to delivering professional testing and consulting services.


For any environmental testing to be meaningful, much less valuable, you need the results to be reliable and fast. If it takes until mold spores become visible over a large area to get positive mold contamination test results, those results aren’t really “news.” They’re “olds.”


We never forget that our business is about people. Protecting people from hazards. When we enter your home or business, we consider how we would want to protect our home or business.

Asbestos Spill Halt Your Project? Call Enviocore and Get Back On Track!