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Environmental Testing Evolved

Enviocore grew up in the rough and tumble disaster restoration industry. Time and time again, we saw projects small and large brought to a stand-still to await environmental testing and results.

First, we had to know when it’s prudent or even required by law to test for asbestos, lead-based paint, mold or other contaminants. Then we had to track down reliable testing companies, facilities or equipment. Next, we had to ensure we safeguarded people and property in the process of obtaining test samples. Finally, we had to wait, sometimes days or even weeks, while property owners languished and spent more and more money on expensive temporary living or working space. We just knew there had to be a better way.

There was.

The Next Step

At Enviocore, we are experienced in assessing the environmental hazards that merit or even require testing by law. We are trained and certified to safely obtain environmental test samples. And we have established a working relationship with top-rated testing facilities that enable us to get most test results within hours, not days.




In his experience with inspecting property and mitigating environmental issues, Chad saw one project after another brought to a standstill awaiting testing results. He believed property owners should be able to get test results in hours, not days. Enviocore was born.

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